Specialty Coffee

La Plata – Κάψουλες



We present to you one of our most beloved espresso coffees in Nespresso compatible compostable capsules, 20 capsules per can. We want you to be able to have great specialty coffee in your office or at home, and in a clean and sustainable way.

The 20 capsules are completely compostable, so after their use, throw them in the organic waste. They will decompose in less than 90 days at the composting plants leaving no toxic residue.

Huila has been blessed with a great combination of perfect soil and great geography for coffee cultivation, so the taste is always very clean and sweet. Even though fresh coffee is available throughout the year in Colombia, the main harvest period in this area is from September to December.

Packaging Tin
Quantity 20 Nespresso Capsules
Icons Capsules - Τσάι - Καφές - Ροφήματα - Cubicup


Nespresso Compatible

Icons Aroma - Τσάι - Καφές - Ροφήματα - Cubicup


Mandarin, Peach, Dark Chocolate

Icons Flavour - Τσάι - Καφές - Ροφήματα - Cubicup

Flavour Profile

Citrus, Hibiscus, Cocoa


Icons Vegan - Τσάι - Καφές - Ροφήματα - Cubicup
Icons GlutenFree - Τσάι - Καφές - Ροφήματα - Cubicup
Icons LactoseFree - Τσάι - Καφές - Ροφήματα - Cubicup
Origin Colombia
Terroir La Plata, Huila 1500-1800 MASL
Farm Crecert – Various Small Farm Holders
Varietal Caturra, Castillo, Colombia
Processing Washed