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Zesty and spicy yet sweet, aromatic and warm. Consumed all over the world for its healing properties, ginger makes a perfect match for black and green tea Kombucha. A can of ROY Ginger Kombucha is the perfect pick-me-up after lunch or a great companion at any time of the day. Certified organic, vegan, raw, gluten-free, lactose-free.

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Tea infusion (filtered water, green tea, black tea), Kombucha culture (yeast & bacterial cultures), raw cane sugar, ginger juice, carbonic acid
Icons Organic - Τσάι - Καφές - Ροφήματα - Cubicup
Icons Vegan - Τσάι - Καφές - Ροφήματα - Cubicup
Icons GlutenFree - Τσάι - Καφές - Ροφήματα - Cubicup
Icons LactoseFree - Τσάι - Καφές - Ροφήματα - Cubicup